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!! OMG, tastes like Cheetos: Brit Brit has a hardcore makeout sesh in the desert !!

Britney shoots her new video for “Perfume” in the desert. Desert videos are hot right now y’all! Wonder if she bumped into a flailing Pink, Lana Del Ray on a tireswing, or a trailer parkin’ Christina out there [socialite life]
Late to the Tumblr-goth rap game: Miley makes her eyebrows disappear [celebitchy]
Momager Kris Jenner doesn’t wait a second before exposing her newly-18 y/o daughter’s nips to the entire planet [popbytes]
Prince‘s new song is sexy, funky, and slightly homophobic [queerty]
Ellen does not think it’s cute that Hallmark has censored a gay Christmas ornament [towleroad]
It’s Trans Remembrance Day today: A story of transitioning in the 1950s [boy culture]
Best Coast‘s new video [kenneth]
Katy Perry‘s new video is out too, if you need to learn it for karaoke this weekend [joemygod]
Backstreet‘s back … alright… [ohlala]
Sesame Street does The Hunger Games [unrealitymag]
Qatar’s hot new coochie stadium [dlisted]
They all have ten-head: America’s Next Top Alien Races [double viking]

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