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!! OMG, gossip: Dustin Lance Black responds after Alma mater rejects him as commencement speaker over sex photos !!

If Dustin Lance Black wants to get his hoo-hoo out AND inspire people, I say LET HIM! [towleroad]
Beyonce still has zero interest in being associated with Kim Kardashian’s golden shower empire which was built on a sex tape [popbytes]
…not even at a dentist’s office [dlisted]
Chelsea Late: Clinton is preggers! [boy culture]
So, WHUT! Who CAYRES? Brooke Shields gained ten pounds after her knee surgery and doesn’t/shouldn’t give two f*cks about it [celebitchy]
Zefron pulls it out for upcoming film Neighbours [queerty]
If Rust Cohle from True Detective wrote Family Circus [unrealitymag]
Australia bans erection drink [joemygod]
Jamie Dornan struts the streets all smexy and casual-like [socialite life]
These NYC public space etiquette lessons should be applied to anywhere and everywhere [kenneth]
Muay Thai boxers give face for OhLala [ohlala]
Your Top 10 AC/DC songs to get you revved up for the trip to the beer store [celeb cafe]

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