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!! OMG, GET LOWE: Rob Lowe releases his chi-chis to make your Friday that much better !!

Like a fine wine! [kenneth]
Grab the barf bags! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are already that couple that coordinates outfits [dlisted]
…meanwhile Ellen uses Photoshop to make it a menage a 3 with Madonna and Taylor [boy culture]
Liam Hemsworth got his JTT bowlcut soaking wet and donned a skin-tight bodysuit [socialite life]
Nancy Sinatra says that Ronan Farrow is NOT Frank Sinatra‘s son (…even if he looks exactly like Frank Sinatra) [celebitchy]
All Hell breaks loose after Kentucky teen comes out during basketball game [queerty]
Polls show that %36 support firing people for being gay or transgender in Louisiana [joemygod]
Gordon Klingenschmitt brings the LOLs: “Gays will recruit 20 percent of all children by next century!” [towleroad]
Lynchian: Teletubbies in black and white will give you nightmares [unrealitymag]
Some male model types showing off “clothes” (NSFW) [ohlala]
The top 10 contestants from this week’s The Voice [celeb cafe]

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