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!! OMG, WATCH: “Mad Sheila” is the ‘MAD MAX” rip-off from China you’ve been …waiting for? !!

Why SHEILA!? LOL. Oh, why not I guess…

“HAYYY SHEILA!” is definitely the new “BYE FELICIA!” over in Hong Kong, where they’ve just dropped this hot trailer for a MAD MAX rip-off with a female protagonist. Check out the trailer above!

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!! OMG, LIES and DECEIT! Giant panda may have faked being preggo to get more buns !!

Ai Hin, a panda in China is being accused of being a shady and manipulative bitch this week, as her handlers at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre say she may have tricked them into thinking she was knocked up in order receive special treatment! How Tila Tequila of her!!
Ai Hin has been (legitimately) pregnant before, and was moved into a single room with air conditioning when pregnant.

“They also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life,” Wu Kongju, an expert told China’s state news agency Xinhua.

The panda was (allegedly) pretending she had a bun in the oven by eating and moving less, and her keepers were so thrilled they even prepared to film the birth. IDIOTS!
Gurl, WERK! Ai Hin is a true master of deceit! She’s properly tearing a page outta the ‘Gran’s Gotchas‘ book:

[via news.sky.com]

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!! OMG, presenting the hottest business card EVER: Chinese Billionaire’s card is the picture of modesty !!

Chinese billionaire entrepeneur Chen Guangbiao is one of the wealthiest men in China, and he recently attempted to buy The New York Times!
He also happens to be the owner of the hottest business card ever known to mankind! It’s dripping with modesty and subtlety! Let’s go over Chen’s card, shall we?

Most Influential Person of China
Most Prominent Philanthropist of China
China Moral Leader
China Earthquake Rescue Hero
Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model
China Top Ten Most Honorable Volunteer
Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China
China Low Carbon Emission Environmental Protection Top Advocate
China’s Foremost Environmental Preservation Demolition Expert

How Patrick Bateman of him. Seriously though — I can take the piss out of Chen all I want, but he must be doing something right, considering he’s a BILLIONAIRE! Call me, papi!
[via dangerousminds]

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!! OMG, tone down hunny: Woman scratches car at auto show to force husband into buying it !!

A woman completely lost her shit and scratched up a hybrid car at a Guangzhou Auto Show in an attempt to force her husband to buy it! I felt like I was looking into a mirror watching this. This is totally me at the mall when I can’t havvie. The sounds, everything…
Unfortunately, auto show security had to crush her moment of excessively glamorous dramatics by controlling her, and that’s when she turned on the waterworks. Her reasoning for doing what she did, you ask?

She couldn’t stand that her husband looked so young while she was getting old.

Fair enough. Seems like her husband could apply a bit of sensitivity here. I’ll opt to side with her and keep on her good side.
[via shanghaist]

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!! OMG, I’ve got eyes in the back of my head: Chinese man grows new nose on forehead !!

image_frankenstein080511 (1).jpg
Wow, — if only Michael Jackson could have lived to have seen this! A Chinese man who suffered severe nasal trauma during a traffic accident last year has grown a new nose on his forehead! The surgeons who grew it say that after 9 months of growth, the nose is finally ready for its transplant. It’s the kind of story that really pulls on your heartstrings!
It always surprises me where people decide to grow their new clone organs. (Personally, I would probably pick lower back, or underarm, but that’s just me!) Also, I LOVE science and everything — but the photo of that shit is just NASTY. So take a look after the jump in case you happen to be eating at your desk while reading this and aren’t into getting the barfs.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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