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!! OMG, it’s raining men! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer surrounded by shirtless male Chippendale dancers !!

Someone’s shy! [joemygod]
How to make a teaser when you only have 100 dollars: The Looking Season 2 teaser is here [ohlala]
Obama throws full support behind net neutrality [towleroad]
The singer chick from The Cranberries got arrested for head-butting someone on a flight [dlisted]
Eli Roth tied the knot, and no one died [celebitchy]
Willam Belli presents 75 reason Ariana Grande Chai Gingerbread Latte No Whip is a diva [popbytes]
Here’s what all of Madonna‘s old clothes sold for at that auction [boy culture]
HRC launches marriage equality campaign featuring Evangelicals [kenneth]
BREAKING Tiffany Amber Theissen News! TAT reunites with Mario Lopez [socialite life]
Let the cat-calling begin: 10 hours of walking around Hollywood in bad drag [queerty]
10 characters that should be in X-Men Apocalypse [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 robots in film [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, a 90s throwback: DJ David Morales and some dancers lose their sh*t on MTV’s ‘The Grind’ !!

Back in the late 90s when MTV would never have dreamt of putting shows like 16 And Pregnant or Jersey Shore on the air, were still programming musical content, and back before the newly formed all-encompassing EDM genre for America was created — House DJ David Morales played on a segment of their dance music show ‘The Grind‘. The results were incredible!
Let’s watch some 90s hoes shake it down to a Sneaker Pimps remix or two, shall we? Which dancer best embodies your look from the 90’s?

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