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!! OMG, gossip: The Game is back to posting his giant package on Instagram again !!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.47.06 PM

Eggplant anyone!? [socialite life]

Adele talks feminism and her distaste for #squadgoals [celebitchy]

An interview with Tab Hunter [boy culture]

Jon Stewart inks four year deal with HBO [joemygod]

YASSSS! Debbie Harry went as Bride of Chucky for Halloween [kenneth]

Hey you twisted fucks! Here’s Luka Magnotta‘s letters from behind bars which suggest he’s lovin’ life in prison [queerty]

In case you needed to rot your brain anymore than it already is, here’s a Davey Wavey segment about how to ‘pick up Spanish men’ [towleroad]

Halle Berry‘s ex-hubbies take her to task and call her out on Twitter for pushing lies about them [dlisted]

Here’s Zefron losing his shirt in the Bad Grandpa trailer [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Michael Fassbender is dating Naomi Campbell !!

Check your lipstick, Naomi! Michael Assbender and Naomi Campbell have allegedly been kissing in public [celebitchy]
Kirstie Alley is heading back to Jenny Craig and she’s bring Xenu with her [dlisted]
Seth Rogan downward dogs and takes it all off for NSFW selfie [popbytes]
HEATHERS! The Musical! [queerty]
RIP Mickey Rooney 🙁 [boy culture]
Blondie‘s Debbie Harry comes our as bisexual [joemygod]
Stylist Johnny Wujek gets you the Coachella look for less! (SPOILER: If you’re from the suburbs then buy a dollar store bindi, smear some henna on your hands, and throw on a Native American headdress ALL AT ONCE!) [socialite life]
Some Ryan Kwanten goodness to sooth your Mondays [ohlala]
Who got paid 2 drink tickets to cover the gay rags this week? [kenneth]
How to get in shape for summer with workouts themed after your favourite movie franchise! [unrealitymag]
FINALLY, science at work: A robot Kangaroo! [towleroad]
The Top 10 Most-shocking Prenups [celeb cafe]
[image via closermag]

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!! OMG, gossip: Debbie Harry set to sell her Warhol for retirement fund? !!

Apparently, the insurance on it is a bitch! [kenneth]
How Publizity of them! Kevin Jonas‘ daughter’s birth had a CORPORATE SPONSOR [celebitchy]
Let’s just say Colton Hayes definitely knows his market [ohlala]
First there was “Jenny From The Block”, then there was “I’m Real”, now there’s “Same Girl” — I’m sensing a theme here! [popbytes]
Dylan Farrow‘s open letter on Woody Allen‘s alleged sexual abuse [boy culture]
VICE‘s “Young And Gay In Russia” will make you raise your fist in solidarity [queerty]
Sochi killing as many stray dogs as possible ahead of the winter Olympics (just gay dogs though, right?) [towleroad]
Sochi potty rules (does not apply to double-toilet) [joemygod]
Selena Gomez plunges into brunch [socialite life]
Happy Birthday, Brenda Dickson! [dlisted]
A Thor: The Dark World gag reel [unrealitymag]
Bizarre crimes you won’t believe happened [double viking]

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!! OMG, gossip: Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark SPEAKS !!

YASS! Just in time for Halloween: An Elvira interview! [queerty]
The secret to his success: Javier Bardem was clubbing and drinking at age 6 [socialite life]
Debbie Harry turns on the dripping, sultry glamour for Project Runway [boy culture]
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx‘s fling is fueled by “sexy scientology jokes” [celebitchy]
Another excuse to capture Prince Harry‘s beauty [dlisted]
Alexander Dreymon loses his shirt on American Horror Story [ohlala]
Tom Hardy to play Elton John [popbytes]
Britney BOMBSHELL! “There’s pressure on women to be sexy.” [evil beet]
Magneto and Professor Xavier sit in Christopher Park together [joemygod]
Gay celebs come out and urge you to vote [kenneth]
Flying ghoul terrorizes neighbourhood fhouls [towleroad]
Hell yeah! 8 butch Halloween costumes, bud! [double viking]

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