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!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week: GRANDMA TECHNO !!

Okay, we may be late to the party on this Nonna, but Grandma Techno can “give ya Trance, give ya dub, give ya techno!” and girlfriend isn’t gonna let a little thing like a disability stop her from chatting up mangled ravers in Detroit and snapping their pics as she shimmy’s around through life. And that’s why she’s Igor’s Look Of The Week!

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!! OMG, frozen over? HELL is for sale for just under $1 Million dollars !!

Hell is for sale. The small town, some 60 miles west of Detroit, is up for sale for just under one million dollars, reports Huffington Post.

For that money, the successful buyer will purchase a souvenir store, post office, a mini golf course, chapel and a five-acre property.
The buyer will also get the lucrative merchandising rights to “Hell.”

Hell is for children, children! Which one of you has a cool million to cough up? I’m craving some mini-golf!

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