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!! OMG, WATCH: KENZO releases “The Realest Real” short film directed by Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein and starring Natasha Lyonne !!

We love us some Carrie Brownstein! From Sleater-Kinney to Portlandia to her career as a director – this lady does it all! Check out her very funny and reflective film for KENZO which comments on the millennial social media obsession and fickleness and star the hilarious Natasha Lyonne.

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!! OMG, NOSFERATU director’s skull has been stolen from its grave by the hands of Satanists !!


But it’s not the first time! The disappearance of a famous director’s skull from his tomb in Germany has happened before!

The loss of the head of F.W. Murnau, the director of the 1922 silent vampire film “Nosferatu,” has authorities flummoxed, though it’s not the first time the director’s tomb has been disturbed. Indeed, Murnau is hardly the only victim of body snatching.

Murnau, who died in 1931, is interred in the Stahnsdorf South-Western Cemetery in a Berlin suburb. The burial ground is the resting place of a number of luminaries, from stage actor Gustav Kadelburg, interred right across the lane from Murnau’s tomb, to German composer Engelbert Humperdinck, who is most famous for the opera “Hansel and Gretel.”

Vandals and would-be grave robbers have disturbed Murnau’s tomb before, according to the Washington Post. This time, though, they made off with the director’s skull — but only after lighting a candle left at the scene. That clue has some suspecting the theft was the work of Satanists.

YUH, DUH! Or scientists looking to clone him! Either of the two, and equally as awesome!

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!! OMG, scary-good choonz: Director Eli Roth’s Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time !!

You may know Eli Roth as the director of horror classics like Hostel or Cabin Fever, or as Sgt. Donny Donowitz in Inglorious Basterds but you might not know that he’s also a connoisseur of old school hip-hop tunes. Stream Eli‘s Top 5 after the jump!

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