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!! OMG, WEED TV: ‘The High Life’ begins casting for the first-ever reality TV show set on a pot growing farm !!

For all those times you’ve been baked and wondered if everyone is watching you and can tell that you’re stoned, — this gig would guarantee a definite YES!
Shaggy Casting, a casting agency in the US, posted a recent casting notice searching for people to star in the first-ever reality show set on a pot farm in Colorado!

“Are you a free spirit who will do anything once? On the run from a life buried in boring summer jobs? Whether you’re a party animal or activist, dare devil or total princess, burnout or adrenaline junkie, we’re looking for you!

This already sounds great! The cast they’re looking for sounds totally stable… so… They should definitely look into booking celebrity guest mentors at the farmhouse like Seth Rogan, James Franco, Cheech Marin, Rihanna, Willie Nelson, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg! Who can grow the biggest crop the fastest? Who can roll the phattest joints?! Let them decide!
Think you got what it takes to be in the house? Just send a video of yourself with your favourite bong or bag of Doritos rambling on with some long, drawn out story to [email protected]!

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!! OMG, listen to this: Green Velvet & Doorly’s ‘MONEY’ !!

I know what you’re thinking: “Bitch stole my Thursday look!”! Well, don’t hold that beautiful mohawk or those Beyond Thunderdome shades against him…
Green Velvet is a house music legend and he’s just setting the theme for your Thursday afternoon at the office with lyrics like:

“Sports cars, designer watches, big houses, drugs and prostitutes.”

A little something for everyone! Enjoy!

[fanks Kev!]

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!! OMG, rollback with Mister Smileyface! Family buys and eats steak from WAL-MART that’s seasoned with LSD !!

I’ve always just assumed that LSD stands for LARGE STEAK DINNER, but I was appalled to hear that a family of four were confused and UPSET (!?) when they gobbled up a steak dinner from Wal-Mart and got a free ride with a side of some California Sunshine and started tripping their balls off.
I mean, thankfully everyone is fine and stuff, BUT… like, also… someone got a steak dinner out of it AND a freebee, — that’s more than I’ve got! Wal-Mart had this to say about the incident:
Pretty sure this just solves the ‘People Of Wal-Martphenomenon. They definitely have been seeing shit that we haven’t — and for a very long time! Wal-Mart’s logo was a giant yellow SMILEYFACE for Godsakes! How could we have been so blind!?

[image via verbicide]

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!! OMG, HAPPY FRIDAY: Health Canada approves MDMA for first Canadian study in trauma survivors’ therapy !!

Grab your glowsticks, Kikwear phat pants, and pacifiers, bitches! — because The National Post is reporting that MDMA has been approved by Health Canada for the first Canadian study to be used in trauma survivors’ therapy!

“What the MDMA does, because of the physiological effects, it means you are in a present, fearless state — able to look at those events without being re-traumatised, and healing in the present what was the trauma of the past,” Dr. Ingrid Pacey, one of the researchers, said.
The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that more than 83 percent of severe trauma, or post traumatic stress disorder patients treated with MDMA and therapy had completely recovered, “without evidence of harm,” and a follow-up study found that patients still had little to no symptoms 2 years later.
One of Dr. Pacey‘s research partners thinks the drug’s therapy uses are obvious.“It brings you into the present,” Mr. Feldmár said. “You don’t worry about the past or the future. It opens your heart; you don’t feel any shame.”

Does leaving a Kardashians marathon on loudly in the living room count as trauma? I need to figure this out… maybe if we can all score some freebies, then these will be my look for Saturday while we lay in a cuddle puddle listening to this:

[via pulseradio]

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!! OMG, “You need to cut the bullsh*t!” – OPRAH: First look at Lindsay Lohan documentary from The Oprah Winfrey Network !!

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.30.43 AM.png
Oh, shiiieet! You know that when Mama O starts-a-cussin’ that shit is gonna hit the fan! Don’t make her take off her pearls! She didn’t pay buttloads to watch Lindsay Lohan remain a drug addict boozer, and Opes does NOT FAIL! When you f*ck with Oprah‘s money, you fuck with the economy!
Having said that, and even though Lindsay has angered the Gods, I will be tuning to catch The Oprah Winfrey Network‘s documentary ‘Lindsay’ which follows Lohan on her BAJILLIONTH CHANCE to clean up her act. Hopefully the BAJILLIONTH time’s a charm, because I need an I Know Who Killed Me 2! Check out the new trailer below!
I LOVE that Oprah has finally come to the dark side, and has basically moved into producing reality TV. YASS! Get it, gurl! Go where the money is!

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