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!! OMG, gossip: Amy Adams channels Posh Spice on the red carpet in Victoria Beckham’s label !!

She definitely needs to practice the Vicky B finger point [celebitchy]
New book documents Madonna‘s early days in pictures, before she was a roided-out cool mom Colonel Saunders with grillz [kenneth]
The Weeknd covers Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ [towleroad]
Kanye West remixes Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ [popbytes]
Rosie Perez says what everyone knew already — that J.Lo was a diva, even back in her Fly Girl days [dlisted]
Parker Young from Enlisted prances around without clothes on [ohlala]
Survey says: 86% of NFL players are cool with having an openly-gay teammate [joemygod]
Actor posts nude selfie to convince Redbox to stock his gay film [queerty]
A Walking Dead recap from last week [socialite life]
Another Igor hanging out in his underwear — with a body ALMOST as exquisite as mine [boy culture]
Artist Perry Maple‘s cartoon paper re-imagining of Gotham CIty [unrealitymag]
From the bathhouse, to you! The Top 10 John Travolta movies! [celeb cafe]
The most badass videogame bosses ever [double viking]

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!! OMG, I’ve been drinking watermelon: Presenting Our Newest Instagram Crush !!

If you have yet to have your first cup of coffee (or Arizona Iced Tea) this morning, and need an extra slap across the jaw to get your ass out of bed — then let Instagram goddess ‘jstlivinbby’ share some sage words of wisdom with you.
Process her insightful views on Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ above! (And yes — we filed this post under ‘Artumnal’ because that’s where it belongs — with other fine art, on a flatscreen at the Musée du Louvre!)

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