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!! OMG, Gazooks! Here’s a bed that will swallow you whole during an earthquake to protect you !!

this bed 'SWALLOWS' you when it senses the EARTHQUAKE

DEPREM anında sizi içine alıp KORUYAN YATAK. Mutlaka bir göz atın bence…— this bed literally 'SWALLOWS' you when it senses the EARTHQUAKE. You gotta see it!… —

Posted by Bora Yeter on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great concept, but so many questions! What if the uh, ‘motion of your ocean’ tricks it into thinking there’s an earthquake or something? How do you get out? How do you get to your supplies from out underneath of the mattress?

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!! OMG, LA gets an EARTHQUAKE: KTLA news anchors hide under their desks LIVE on air !!

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