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!! OMG, things that exist: Edward Snowden and Jean-Michel Jarre have made a techno track together !!

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has collaborated with French electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre to make sweet music on a techno track to be released this coming weekend.

The unusual team-up came about after Jarre was interviewed for the Guardian last year. He asked if he could be put in touch with Snowden, whose revelations about US government surveillance were published in the newspaper.Jarre had come up with a “hectic, obsessive techno track, trying to illustrate the idea of this crazy quest for big data on one side and the manhunt for this one young guy by the CIA, NSA and FBI on the other,” he explained, calling Snowden “an absolute hero of our times”.

‘Exit’ features Snowden’s voice (speaking, not singing) and appears on Jarre’s forthcoming album of collaborations, Electronica Volume II: The Heart Of Noise, alongside tracks featuring Pet Shop Boys, Jeff Mills, Cyndi Lauper and many more.

Werk it, whistleblower! Electronica Volume II is due on May 6. WTF.

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