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!! OMG, PLUR! Toronto mayoral candidate Olivia Chow wants to rave with you, eclipse Berlin as electronic music capital of the world !!

When your city’s mayor is a muderous crackhead who cruises around the city with Deadmau5 in something called a Purarri, and yet is somehow still being re-elected despite his faults — you need to take matters into your own hands and speak to the PEOPLE if you want change.
You need to show up when they’re mangled on pills at an outdoor rave on an island, take the stage, and give them the best f*cking inspirational Vick’s Vapour Rub massage on the jaw-bone they’ve ever had — with your WORDS!
That’s exactly what Toronto mayoral candidate and seasoned Kandi-raver Olivia Chow did yesterday when she took the stage at Toronto’s Electric Island festival with DJs Seth Troxler and Maya Jane Coles, speaking passionately to the crowd about their fair city, and her plans to make it eclipse Berlin as the world’s electronic music capitol if she gets elected as mayor and kicks mayor Rob Ford to the curb.

“You stopped the rain with your passion!”
“Toronto can overtake Berlin as the music center of the world, Berlin here we come!”
“You may need a new mayor that appreciates electronic music!”

I really want to drink Oliva‘s kool-aid. I do — It’s just the right amount of crazy for me. I’m praying that Olivia has actually been to Berghain on a Sunday and will stick to her promise by recreating that vibe in Toronto! She could empty out Liberty Village or Casa Loma and fill it with a bunch of hedonistic debauchery, strobe lights, dark rooms and flamethrowers and fun stuff like that. VOTE FOR OLIVIA!

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!! OMG, I almost wore that: Igor’s Fashion Report from Toronto’s ‘Electric Island Festival’ !!

We spotted this over the weekend at the world’s mecca of refined gentlemen, AKA Toronto’s Electric Island Music Festival featuring DJs Sven Vath, Mano Le Tough, and Daniel Avery.
Our favourite shirt of the day was closely followed by a very chic ‘COOL STORY, HOE. (now suck it again.)’ sweatshirt which was equally just as charming! Pick yours up today!
[photo: mmockford & cafepress]

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