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!! OMG, how to fail in business: Christina Hendricks’ agent fired her ass when she took on ‘MAD MEN’ role !!

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks revealed that her and her massive cha-chas were asked to pack their bags by her agent once she accepted her role portraying “Joan Harris” on the show.

While she and her manager loved the script, her agency told her not to take the role of Joan Harris. “They said, ‘It’s a period piece, it’s never going to go anywhere, we need you to make money and this isn’t going to make money,'” she said. “They ended up dropping me.”

OUCH! Yeah — I’m with her agency on this one. Who wants an actress who’s been nominated 5 times for an Emmy or who’s out shooting campaigns for Vivienne Westwood?! How humiliating!
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!! OMG, keep it in yer skinny, overpriced pants! American Apparel Founder Dov Charney Ousted After Probe Into Alleged Misconduct Reveals Cause For Firing !!

The man who started American Apparel and built the company from the ground up, ripping off vintage fashions and making them accessible for every teen hipster in the village before then (allegedly) sexually assaulting them or hiring them based on their rack — has been removed from his American Apparel throne!

The exact reason for the embattled bigwig’s booting is currently unknown. But the board did issue a statement citing “an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct”.
Charney is now suspended from his roles for 30 days before his contract is officially terminated – and he has vowed to “fight like hell” to get his job back.
Observers have noted that this week’s developments are not entirely surprising, as the colorful 45-year-old Canadian has spent years fighting sexual harassment allegations.
The Montreal native, who started the company in 1991, has faced repeated lawsuits from at least nine female employees. All cases have either been dismissed or settled.

It’s nice when firings like this happen because it shows that no matter how much money you have — your company wants more, and they won’t think twice about firing your ass to protect said money if you make them look like shit! #byefelicia #notouchy
[via nydailynews]

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