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!! OMG, Freddy VS Jason writers: ‘We tried to keep Kelly Rowland’s homophobic slur out of the movie’ !!

“All we can tell you is… we didn’t write it, and we were really shocked when we heard it in the movie. We complained about it after the first screening, but it was never changed. It’s a real stain on the movie, in our opinion.”

– The Freddy VS Jason writers, during a recent retrospective about ‘Freddy vs Jason’ when a rather controversial scene where Kelly Rowland’s character calls Freddy a “f*ggot” was brought up.

Well, at least Jason stood up to her homophobia! Maybe GLAAD should honour him?

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!! OMG, you’re Ghana wanna take a look at these! The lost art of Ghana’s f*cked up movie posters !!

I’m not sure who the 4th grader is that Ghana hired to do all of their versions of big Hollywood film posters, but whoever it is — they defo deserve an ice cream treat from the MacDonald’s drive-through on the way home!
The Planet Terror one above is my favourite. If Rose McGowan‘s character in the film had instead been played by Tan Mom while passing gas after she just finished eating some juicy watermelon, the artist would have just really NAILED IT! Check out some more after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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