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!! OMG, dat chew Camilla?: Transvestite Artist Grayson Perry honoured by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace !!


“The idea that rebellion is at the margins of society – that’s false, it’s far more interesting to be mischievous from the centre.” – Grayson Perry

Turner Prize-winning artist, Grayson Perry, known for his ceramic vases and cross-dressing (those two always go hand-in-hand), was honoured by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace this past week for “30 years of hard graft” (that means 30 years of hard work in British speak, y’all!).
Perry worked a very Camilla Parker Bowles-esque look in a midnight blue dress and matching fitted jacket with a wide brimmed black-hat with some ostrich feathers for flare! Perry himself called the outfit very “Italian mother-of-the-bride”.
[via telegraph]

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!! OMG, try and stay within the lines: Famous artists come together to collaborate on children’s colouring book for chairty !!

This is nice: Artists like Tracey Emin, The Chapman Brothers, Grayson Perry and Polly Morgan have come together to collaborate on The Artists’ Colouring Book of ABCs, a colouring book for kids which will benefit Kids Company, a charity founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh to support vulnerable inner-city children in the UK.
The project is headed by Charlotte Colbert, of Humpty Dumpty Publishing, and Lauren Jones and Alix Janta, the two people behind Alteria Art, which produces affordable artists’ prints. You can view the originals in an exhibition at Sotheby’s on Bond Street, London next month. Check out some more of the letters after the jump, along with an A-Z listing of all the artists involved!

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