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!! OMG, listen to this: Jessie Ware and Dev Hynes collaborate on ‘Want Your Feeling’ !!

The man who helped Solange hit gold with ‘Losing You’ last summer and frontman of the band Blood Orange, Dev Hynes, has teamed up with chanteuse Jessie Ware this time to create some further pop goodness. Check out their brand new collaboration below!

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!! OMG, a Q&A with Jessie Ware !!

British pop star Jessie Ware‘s debut album Devotion is getting a proper North American release this week, a mere eight months after it came out in the United Kingdom. Of course, once an album is released in North America the next stop en route to global pop superstardom is an interview with !! omg blog !!

A few weeks ago we reached Jessie via telephone in her Amsterdam hotel room to discuss her transitions from back-up singer to dance vocalist, from dance vocalist to solo recording artist, and from recording artist to live performer. Through it all, she has written several stellar pop songs, collaborated with rapper A$AP Rocky and come up with a signature dance routine (that may or may not have a name) while never losing sight of her Jewish Princess-ness. Read the full Q&A with Jessie Ware after the jump!

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