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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Daniel Avery’s ‘Knowing We’ll Be Here’ Video + FACT Mag Mix !!

Check out the video for UK techno and electronic aficionado Daniel Avery‘s latest ‘Knowing We’ll Be Here’ off Avery’s debut album Drone Logic. A bit about the video from London director Joshua Lipworth:

“The idea for the video came from the track’s euphoric distorted drones which sounded to me like a kind of drowning sensation,” Lipworth explains. “From research I found that before you die from drowning there is a reported euphoria that can last for several minutes as your brain is starved of oxygen and I wanted to replicate that progression visually.”

Check out the video, along with his latest mix for FACT Magazine below! Avery’s Drone Logic is out now for purchase on Phantasy recordings.

[via dazed]

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