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!! OMG, gossip: Lady Bunny is bringing back WIGSTOCK! !!


Gotta pay that New York rent somehow! [queerty]

People are posting sunburn photos after using Jessica Alba‘s Honest Sunscreen [celebitchy]

Here’s Hilary‘s political trailer where she talks about her love of Dorothy (her mom) [boy culture]

Grab a barf bag! Trump now leads over Bush in the polls [joemygod]

Stephen Amell and Jared Padelecki get shirtless and bro out together — MUST SEE! [socialite life]

Homophobe picks fight with the wrong couple, walks away bloody in NY [towleroad]

Gwen and Gavin are DUNZO after 14 years together ­čÖü [pinkisthenewblog]

Kim Kardashian‘s Koffee table book FLOPPED! [dlisted]

Luca Loyala for Bello Mag [ohlala]

Who’s the most elegant and demure DJ in the world on the cover of your free weekly gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]

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!! OMG, spot them if you can! Artist AVAF and Lady Bunny take The Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires with psychedelic roller rink !!

Artist assume vivid astro focus has created a psychedelic roller rink at the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires Argentina. The roller rink will feature the sounds of DJ Lady Bunny who says “I’ve never been to such a glamorous soundcheck!”.
AVAF created the same installation (but different) over ten years ago in the infamous Central Park skating rink, and has brought it back to bring some more joy and togetherness to the world.
Inspired by a time not long ago when asked about the piece, Lady Bunny has some wise reflections to share regarding the 80’s, the gay community and the present (via the beuonosairesherald):

Even though at a ten year celebration with an originally ten-year old work, nostalgia is not centre stage here. It is about bold fun; festive fun referring to the crazy early 80s in New York with inclusivity of unique individuals, that sometimes do not feel at place anywhere else, at its heart. Lady Bunny represents this more than anyone else. “But don’t be fooled,” says Lady Bunny “it was not just fun. The 80s was a difficult time too. The gay community was also scared. We were dying. I saw my friends dying. Dying like flies…
But I am not all into gay rights, and especially not its movement — I am for human rights for everyone, male, woman, and any one in between. Being part of an older generation of the gay community, I do feel I can teach the next generation something: don’t be fooled by new AIDS drugs — just use a condom.


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!! OMG, she’s a virgin who can’t drive: Iggy Azalea pays homage to ‘CLUELESS’ in video for ‘Fancy’ featuring Charli XCX !!

…but it could use more Christian! [dlisted]
Jamie Lee Curtis to produce story about first openly-gay baseball player Glenn Burke [queerty]
The wickedly talented ADELA DAZEEM performs live on Kimmel [unrealitymag]
Is ScarJo‘s baby bump already messing with The Avengers shoot? [celebit´┐╝chy]
Hunter Parrish looking like a babe still as he shoots Still Alice in NYC [socialite life]
Oh no she d’int! Billionaire Richard Lugner: Kim Kardashian is a bitch!” [popbytes]
Nana’s going on about something again: Lady Bunny chats about her wildly popular Hot Mess Drag Revue [boy culture]
Gay games: Coco Peru plays some Grand Theft Auto 5 [kenneth]
Quarterly injections may be the future for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS (but you should still always use a condom — DURR!) [joemygod]
Oooof! This makes me feel old: Kids react to rotary telephones [towleroad]
Vogue Japan does Disneyland Paris [ohlala]
Sippin’ on sum SIZZURP: The Top 10 Justin Bieber accomplishments [celeb cafe]

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