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!! OMG, gossip: Rubgy star Keegan Hirst comes out !!


Rugby star Keegan Hirst comes out [boy culture]

THAT’S FRESH, COMING FROM YOU, HON! Kris Jenner says “sometimes I think this generation is lacking in decency…” [celebitchy]

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Is model Jason Morgan nakie on the cover of L’offical Hommes? [ohlala]

New survey says half of Britain’s 18-24 year olds say they are not 100 percent heterosexual [joemygod]

Who’s posing like a wannabe model on Fire Island on the cover of your weekly gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]

All this week’s hottest Instagram posts from your favourite male celebs [queerty]

Michael Sam quite pro-footbal citing mental health concerns [pinkisthenewblog]

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!! OMG, U2’s Father-Son album cover promotes homosexuality and “gay propaganda”, says Russian lawmaker !!


Alexander Starovoitov, a member of the Russian State Duma has asked the Prosecutors office to investigate on whether the uploading of U2‘s Songs of Innocence album to Itunes customers breached the Russian law “against gay propaganda among minors”! The cover is of drummer Larry Mullen, Jr and his son 18-year-old Elvis who were both shirtless.

“Just like many citizens of the Russian Federation, I am an iPhone owner,” Starovoitov says. “In 2014, tracks by U2 were uploaded in a viral way to my Music folder in iTunes, with the album cover featuring what I believe to be two men engaged in a manifestation of non-traditional sexual relations.”

Whether it’s promoting our gay agenda or not, it’s definitely hurting my ears and forcing its way into my iTunes, which is a much more serious crime in my fey, fluttering, gay eyes. What do you think? Should Bono be locked away in a Russian prison with The Edge for promoting this gay filth?

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!! OMG, they ain’t playin! THE ADVOCATE Magazine lists Russian President Vladimir Putin as their PERSON OF THE YEAR !!

Is Russian president Vladimir Putin the world’s most influential LGBT rights figure? According to The Advocate — YES! From editor Matthew Breen:

We knew we’d see highly polarized responses to the cover. But the purpose was to answer the question, “Who had the most impact on LGBT people globally in 2014?” One effect is to keep the treatment of queer Russians in conversation, post-Sochi. The world must not forget what’s happening there now that the Olympics are over.
There are undeniable parallels in Putin’s scapegoating of gays and lesbians and the Nazi scapegoating of Jews, gays and lesbians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Romani. He’s describing gays and lesbians and the nefarious export of western hegemony that Russia must resist, to remain pure. He’s tacitly encouraging the confluence of homosexuality and pedophilia in Russians’ minds as a cynical means of maintaining his power. His thugs are torturing and killing us. He’s got blood on his hands. He’s a global threat. It’s not an idle comparison.

Well said! Check your newsstands for the latest issue of The Advocate, out now.
[via DAZED]

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!! OMG, dude, it’s DUD! Intel Owes You $15 If Your Computer 14 Years Ago Had a Pentium 4 Processor !!

15 years after the fact, Intel is paying out 15 dollars to any customer that can prove they were sold a Dell in 2000 or 2001 after a class action lawsuit that alleged the company made up performance benchmarks for its Pentium 4 processor was won.The company is also being forced to donate $4 million to charities focused on education as part of the ruling!
So, if you bought a Dell between Nov. 20, 2000, and Dec. 31, 2001 you’re entitled to 15 bones from Intel! I hope you kept the receipt so you can treat yourself to lunch at Sizzler. Or spend it like this dude would, and buy a giant bong:

[via slate]

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