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!! OMG, stream RIFF RAFF’s new ‘NEON iCON’ album in its entirety !!

The inspiration for James Franco‘s ridiculous white rapper persona in Spring Breakers has developed quite the cult following since the Harmony Korine film was released last year — and we’re sure it’s only helped with the production of his album!

NEON iCON has stories about cocaine, stories about bi-curious mermaids, and shoutouts to Reese Witherspoon. There’s introspective singing and arrogant rapping and a lot of mystery. And jokes aside, the beats are legit.

NEON iCON features productions by Diplo, and guests rapper Childish Gambino which we suspect didn’t exactly just happen as a result of his career prior to the film. Stream RIFF RAFF‘s new album in its entirety below!

[via buzzfeed]

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