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!! OMG, gossip: WE SHOULD HAVE ADELE PERFORM! (but can’t afford her!) !!


The Pippa Middleton Edition [dlisted]

Finally relatable!? Kylie Jenner decorated her house for Halloween already [celebitchy]

T.I. and Tiny‘s daughter avoids jailtime for carrying a loaded gun at the airport [bossip]

The Weeknd return with Daft Punk on new single [thatDROP]

WATCH: The trailer for James Franco‘s adult film drama KING COBRA has arrived [towleroad]

Get ready to fart glitter! The cast of Will And Grace just reunited! [queerty]

Nick Jonas covers Wonderland Magazine [boyculture]

Meet the “artistic Canadian welder bodybuilder” heating up Instagram – THAT’S HAWT. [wicked gay blog]

‘I’m waiting for eyebrows to stop being a thing’ (HULLO! BETCH – ME TOO!) [man repeller]

YASSS! This season is all about rescue chickens in crochet sweaters! WUT ELSE!? [ned hardy]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Bear Grylls and Nick Jonas brave the cold, in wet, torn, tight underwear, rub each other in the process !!

First it was Jake Gyllenhaal, then Zac Efron — now it’s Nick Jonas!
Watch Bear Grylls add another totally masc and super-straight celeb bro to his roster of mountain men in this episode of WHAT AM I TRYING TO PROVE HERE where he runs around in torn, tight, wet underwear, rubbing down Nick Jonas who is also in tight, soaking wet underwear! It’s really butch stuff.

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Nick Jonas ‘I’ve technically had sex with a dude’ !!


“On Kingdom I have a sex scene with a guy”, Jonas says. “It is always this thing have I, has Nick? No.But it’s my lips, it’s my hands, it’s my body, even if I’m playing a character. So technically I have done that, so I wouldn’t say I haven’t, because that would be lying. But as me, Nick, I am very open about who I am and that I have nothing to prove. I know what I am, I’ve been honest about that.”

Nick Jonas, who plays a gay boxer on the TV series “Kingdom

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