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!! OMG, gossip: Instagram is ‘investigating’ those eggplant pics from The Game !!


Instagram is not here for The Game‘s penis pics [socialite life]

Obama: Enjoy your Holiday as usual, there is no “specific credible” threat of terrorism [joemygod]

Demi Moore pays over $700 a visit for her dog to get acupuncture [celebitchy]

Gossip for your Nana: 1960s Sean Connery tried to have a threesome with Carly Simon and her sister [dlisted]

Derek Theler for Attitude [ohlala]

Accused gay basher trio member Kathryn Knott‘s tweets to be used as evidence of her hom-hating ways [boy culture]

HOT DAM: they may have vandalized a dam that lost us 50 million gallons of water …but I still would! [kenneth]

RIP: Gay adult film performer Dimitri Kane is dead at 20 [queerty]

Gay Imam Daayiee Abdullah launches LGBT-friendly Islamic online school [towleroad]

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!! OMG, gossip: Obama recognizes LGBTQ advocates in Jamaica and then shoots rainbows from his hand !!

Gurl, WERRK! Show them what it takes! [towleroad]
Jaden Smith is working some fierce dress looks for spring [dlisted]
Sean O’pry for L’Official Hommes [ohlala]
Alyssa Milano calls out Heathrow airport for confiscating her breast milk [celebitchy]
Madonna‘s vintage nudes are coming to Playboy [boy culture]
Mamma Mia to close after 14 years [joemygod]
Here’s Jared Leto as The Joker sans makeup for that Suicide Squad movie [socialite life]
Who’s got their arms crossed and lips pursed on the cover of your free weekly gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]
For a good cause: Men revolt against the NSA and post full frontal pics to Reddit [queerty]
Is Psylocke going to be in X-Men: Apocolypse? [zombietoenailz]

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!! OMG, but who’s running the country!?: Obama goes on Kimmel to read mean tweets !!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.59.11 AM.png
Part of me is like “Oh, it’s great that Obama is getting down with his public more” by reading mean tweet on Kimmel, but then I’m also like, “Hey, wait. The world and your country is so awry and in peril right now, your time might not best be spent reading mean tweets on Kimmel.” At any rate… Doesn’t make them any less funny — does it!? Check them out below.

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!! OMG, it’s raining men! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer surrounded by shirtless male Chippendale dancers !!

Someone’s shy! [joemygod]
How to make a teaser when you only have 100 dollars: The Looking Season 2 teaser is here [ohlala]
Obama throws full support behind net neutrality [towleroad]
The singer chick from The Cranberries got arrested for head-butting someone on a flight [dlisted]
Eli Roth tied the knot, and no one died [celebitchy]
Willam Belli presents 75 reason Ariana Grande Chai Gingerbread Latte No Whip is a diva [popbytes]
Here’s what all of Madonna‘s old clothes sold for at that auction [boy culture]
HRC launches marriage equality campaign featuring Evangelicals [kenneth]
BREAKING Tiffany Amber Theissen News! TAT reunites with Mario Lopez [socialite life]
Let the cat-calling begin: 10 hours of walking around Hollywood in bad drag [queerty]
10 characters that should be in X-Men Apocalypse [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 robots in film [celeb cafe]

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