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!! OMG, hide your dealers, hide your Drano: Infamous ‘club kid’ turned murderer Michael Alig could soon be free !!

Michael Alig, the man who rose to fame as a well-known promoter/club kid in the 90’s by throwing wild parties at places like the Limelight, is in the chokey and currently serving 10-20 years for the murder of his drug dealer Andre “Angel” Melendez back in 1996. The 2003 film Party Monster starring Macauley Culkin as Alig, chronicled Alig‘s rise and fall, and he has since garnered a younger cult following on places like Tumblr around his twisted ‘nightlife-legacy’.
However — if PageSix has got it right, it may happen that Michael could be released from jail very soon:

“I go to my next hearing in a week . . . wish me luck,” Alig wrote in a holiday card to a pal last month. “If they release me I’d be home in January! I get a response in about 20 days . . . can’t wait to see everyone again,” he added.

Oh shiiit! That gives us, like, a one-day window before February hits! If Alig does get out of the chokey, we think he’s gonna be most pisssed about the fact that New York no longer has a nightlife!

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