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!! OMG, gossip: Gigi Hadid proves she’s not the one to prank !!


…hands prankster Vitalli a swift punch to the face! [dlisted]

Johnny Depp‘s 13 million dollar penthouse looks like a fucking Chucky Cheese‘s ballroom [celebuzz]

Chelsea Handler: Brad Pitt ‘self medicated’ because Angelina Jolie is a ‘fuckin lunatic’ [celebitchy]

Eggplant parmesan! The Game‘s sex tape leaked apparently [the blemish]

SCANDAL! Mary Berry leaves the British Bakeoff! [queerty]

Hillary Clinton appears on Between Two Ferns [boy culture]

Neil Patrick Harris talks to Andy Cohen about his big, gay, family Halloween costumes [towleroad]

Beyonce and Jay-Z have a date night at Madeo in Hollywood [bossip]

Here, here! Nyle DiMarco gets political [wicked gay blog]

Who knew triathlons were so dramatic!? [adapt]

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!! OMG, the spawn of Satan: ‘Devil Baby’ terrorizes NYC, hilarity ensues! !!

Devil’s Due is set to hit theatres this Friday, and to promote the film, production planned this public humiliation-style viral video involving a possessed baby that could only have be raised by Octomom and seemingly babysat in the evenings during her shifts at the stripclub by Kate Gosselin. Parenting at it’s best! Check out the baby terrorizing NYC below!

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!! OMG, plug it up: Patrons at NY cafe scared out of their wits by live “Carrie” prank !!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.33.41 PM.png
Ever wanted to scare the shit out of some of those obnoxious morning people at your local coffee joint, without serving them an extra strong coffee? It’s possible, — but it takes hard work and dedication!
Thinkmodo, a New York-based viral video marketing company did just that recently by created this stunt to promote the new “Carrie” remake. They set up at a cafe in the West Village by hiring a stunt team to to build a fake wall and rehearse the wall stunt, while a separate crew installed a bunch hidden cameras and set up a control room in the basement. A third crew was then in charge of the props: spring loaded books, motorized tables & chairs, and spring-loaded picture frames. Then it was time to make em scream, and need to go home and change before work! Have a look at the hilarious results after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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