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!! OMG, is there a controversy here!?: Brazil’s “I’m Happy to be a Prostitute” Ads Causing A Stir !!

There are far more awful things to get worked up about than a bunch of Brazilian GILFs that just wanna bone for a living — but folks in Brazil are apparently up in arms about these advertisements supporting their trade.
What are your thoughts on it? The only REAL controversy here should be that shirt on the right! It definitely was stolen from my friend Keeara, the candy raver in my 8th grade math class.
[via hispanically speaking news]

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!! OMG, listen to this: Green Velvet & Doorly’s ‘MONEY’ !!

I know what you’re thinking: “Bitch stole my Thursday look!”! Well, don’t hold that beautiful mohawk or those Beyond Thunderdome shades against him…
Green Velvet is a house music legend and he’s just setting the theme for your Thursday afternoon at the office with lyrics like:

“Sports cars, designer watches, big houses, drugs and prostitutes.”

A little something for everyone! Enjoy!

[fanks Kev!]

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!! OMG, turn on the red light: Austra’s “Forgive Me” Video !!

Austra have just released the video for their latest single “Forgive Me”, which was directed by Claire Edmondson.
The video is a slightly-NSFW, dark and glossy look at the lives of sex workers at wooded cruising area, and the relationships they keep both physically and emotionally. Singer Katie Stelmanis on the video:

“A night vision camera captures life in a dark park. Among the hidden corners and leaf-covered hideaways, people purge and absolve their sins through sexual liberation. We highlight a romance between a man and a women who seek forgiveness from each other: the only forgiveness that is of any importance.”

Check out the video above, and Olympia is out now to purchase on iTunes!

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