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!! OMG, let’s all head to the roller-disco: Todd Terje returns with “Spiral & “Q” !!

Norwegian producer Todd Terje is back with some summer heat for your frozen, wintered bones. He’s just released 2 new warm tracks which you can stream, in full below. From SPIN:

“Spiral” is a beaming, Italo-inspired answer to Miami Vice, right down to the roto-toms. It’s not all so sunny, though: Listen closely, and you may even hear a hint of the Cure’s Disintegration in the chiming guitars. The B-side’s “Q”, meanwhile, is a 12-minute foray into what the label describes as “trance-not-trance,” and we’re inclined to agree with them. Playing a lean synthesizer arpeggio off twinkling chords, and spinning it all through loop-de-loops of filtered delay, it would make a fine soundtrack to any roller-disco outings you may have planned this holiday season — or ice-rink disco, for that matter.

Terje’s debut album is due out in March, 2014!

[thanks Kev!]

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