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!! OMG, don’t hold your breath for that rap album: Amanda Bynes is lookin fresh and more together on Christmas Day walk with the family !!

It’s nice to see Amanda Bynes without a piercing in her cheek or a ratchet wig on, out spending some quality time with the family in Thousand Oaks, California over the holidays this week.
I’m mean, I’m not gonna lie — I loved the wigs (sort of iconic) and was really looking forward to a rap album from her, but maybe she can revisit this theme later on under more stable circumstances. I can wait — I’ll just listen to Madonna‘s rap from American Life in the meantime. For now, it looks like she’s on the road to recovery, off all the bad shit, and that’s what matters. Ich leibe dich, Amanda.
Check out some more snaps of Amanda lookin’ so fresh n so clean clean after the jump.

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