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!! OMG, Rob Ford has really hit rock bottom: “Santa The Hutt” display in San Fransisco comments on holiday excess !!

The BetaBrand store in San Francisco’s mission district has an unlikely Christmas display to share with it’s shoppers this year. The store has a display which they call “Santa The Hutt”, and they say:

Aims to poke fun at holiday excess and explore anti-Santa sentiment. Our achievement: Over a thousand people have taken holiday photos at our Valencia Street store since rolling him out last week. He now begrudgingly poses for holiday photos with Valencia Street shoppers if only because he’s too obese to move.

I’m digging how Santa thought ahead and paper bagged his shit knowing he was gonna be chilling there for a bit. Personally, I’d love to cuddle up to Santa for a photo-op! He looks so warm from whiskey, and it’s definitely one for the mantle. Check out some more pics of “Santa The Hutt” after the jump!

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