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!! OMG, it’s the thought that counts?: Codebreaker given royal pardon for homosexuality conviction 60 years after his death !!

Codebreaker and computer pioneer Alan Turing, aka the dood who cracked the Enigma code and helped to defeat the Nazis, has been given a royal pardon for his homosexuality conviction – 61 years after his death. I’m sure he’s just THRILLED!
Erm, maybe I’m missing something, but could someone please explain to me why a pardon 60 years after you’ve been chemically castrated for being gay, and ended your life as a result — might matter to someone? I think it’s great his name has been cleared and all, but when your balls have been taken from you — not much else matters!
Anyhoo, congrats Alan! And thanks for mercying that shit finally, and giving Alan the big-ups he deserves today! He’s a proper historic hero.
[via metro.uk]

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