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!! OMG, gossip: Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells go ‘slutty shopping’ in deleted GIRLS Season 3 clip !!

…and sort of nail American Apparel while they’re at it. [queerty]
Nicki Minaj: My abortion ‘haunted me all my life’ but I’m still pro-choice [celebitchy]
Same-sex marriage begins in Scotland [towleroad]
David Geffen’s ex-college football boytoy is stalking him [kenneth]
Creationists plans Times Square NYE ball drop message [joemygod]
Colton Hayes gets shirtless and wet on Instagram [socialite life]
RIP: the voice of RugratsChuckie Finster, Christine Cavanaugh [dlisted]
17 year-old trans girls commits suicide by semi over lack of support from Christian family [boy culture]
A roundup review of the top movies at the box office [popbytes]
Insane, but believable, theories about dead celebrities [unrealitymag]
A yellow card for a soccer player kiss [ohlala]
The top 10 most-anticipated shows of 2015 [celeb cafe]

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