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!! OMG, WATCH: Totally awesome woman confronts Florida Governor Rick Scott, shames him out of Starbucks for cutting MedicAid !!

She’d like a tall venti, no fat with EXTRA WHIP, BITCH! She ain’t playin’! Watch as a woman at Starbucks goes for the jugular on FL Gov. Rick Scott screaming:

“You cut Medicaid, so I couldn’t get Obamacare. You’re an asshole. You don’t care about working people. … You should be ashamed to show your face around here. You strip women of access to public health care. Shame on you, Rick Scott! We depend on those services. Rich people like you don’t know what to do! When poor people like us need health services, you cut them. Shame on you, Rick Scott! You’re an embarrassment to our state.”

Hey! I don’t blame her! This is how I act after my fourth coffee of the day too. The jitters can make a hoe do some crazy things. ALSO — I like that Butthead from Beavis and Butthead was kind enough to film all of this on his iphone. His end comment is really the icing on the cake.

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!! OMG, calling all the basic bitches! Meet the Frappula – STARBUCKS’ new Halloween-inspired Frap! !!


Move over-pumpkin spice! Throw on your UGGs and rush down to a Starby’s cuz they’ve got a new frap with 6 pumps of syrup just in time for Halloween called the Frappula Frappuccino!

The “vampire-inspired” coffee drink begins with mocha sauce and whipped cream at the bottom of the cup, followed by the chain’s white chocolate mocha Frappuccino. The gory drink gets topped with raspberry syrup to give it that spooky, bloody Halloween effect.
Starbucks will be serving the punny-named drink until Nov. 1, and after that you’ll have to be super creative to get it AKA order off the secret menu.

That moment when you realize that Starbucks has just become a high-cal milkshake factory, and no longer is about coffee!

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!! OMG, can I get your name for all eternity, hon!?: Woman served Satanic foam design on lattes at Starbucks, is not pleased !!

The best part of waking up, is Satan in your cup! That’s what a Louisiana woman discovered this week when she was served a pentagram/666 combo foam at the mall Starbucks, which somehow wasn’t her thing! Via the Starbucks facebook page:

“I just purchased two coffees at your Mall of Louisiana location. This is how my coffee was served to me. I unfortunately can’t give the young mans name who served it because I was so appalled that I could not bring myself to look at him. The star is almost okay because it is in your Starbucks logo, the 666, however was quite offensive. I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others.
I am a teacher in the public school system and if I were to present a child of atheist or pagan believers with a Christian art project I could be sued in a heartbeat. I am of Catholic faith and would love to share in my beliefs daily. Fortunately I have enough common sense to present myself with professionalism and follow an ethics code. Perhaps that could be suggested to that particular location.”

Let’s just say that before that coffee hits my lips in the morning, that the only person that could match my vibe would actually be Satan, so in terms of acknowledging his presence in my mood via my latte, I would give this barista a 10 for creativity. I mean, she took to their Facebook page?! I can just picture what this woman looks like, and so can you, and we’re thinking about the exact same woman right now.

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!! OMG, somebody find Nomi Malone a credit card: Fake shopping strip in Shenyang has everything from TIFEANY to CNANEL !!

This gorgeous oasis of a strip mall in Shenyang, China has a cornucopia of the hottest designer name-brands that only Nomi Malone could love. Their “forum” carries everything from CNANEL, Herwès, PRΛDΛ, Cairter, TIFEANY, and Ermanegildo Zegne.
You’ll probably be famished after all of that shopping, so why not pop over to Starbocks or Häagen-Dezs for a snack or a coffee!? The developer of the strip-mall says the stores:

…are fakes for marketing purpose only.

Right. Yes, that makes perfect sense. She should have just said that to begin with. You know, if they really want to sell people on these fake designer stores they should hire a fake Oprah and have her publicly denied at each location.
Check out the rest of the hot signage after the JUMP!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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