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!! OMG, gossip: Chris Hemsworth’s man-crush is Kelly Slater !!


Does that mean he’d let him do stuff down dere, or…? [queerty]

Alicia Vikander: ‘It’s not 2 different things being male & female, it’s a big spectrum’ [celebitchy]

Sting‘s daughter Eliot Sumner comes out as gender-fluid [boy culture]

Hold your LOLs: Sarah Palin has a plan to defeat ISIS [joemygod]

Justin Theroux joins Instagram [socialite life]

Colton Haynes opens up… about his anxiety [towleroad]

Pammy will be the last naked lady to ever cover PLAYBOY Magazine [dlisted]

Call me Katelyn: The Walking Dead‘s Katelyn Nacon covers Bello Mag [ohlala]

UH… BINGO! Comic puts US gun control/population on blast [kenneth]

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!! OMG, VIDEO: Ousted American Apparel CEO And Founder Dov Charney Dances Naked In Front Of Female Employees !!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 5.43.56 PM.png
Ex-American Apparel founder and CEO dances naked for two of his female employees (NSFW) [boy culture]
Sting‘s kids won’t inherit any of his 300 Million dollars: “Trust funds are albatrosses.”[celebitchy]
PETA‘s not stoked about Lady Gaga putting jewels on her dog’s face. BIG SURPRISE! [popbytes]
Conchita Wurst to headline London Pride [joemygod]
The Blossom cast re-united! [socialite life]
Obama to extend array of marriage benefits to gay couples [kenneth]
Australian Rugby star Beau Ryan goes nude to host news show [queerty]
Look upon these WATCHMEN covers and despair [unrealitymag]
Vigil for Florida trans woman found burned to death [towleroad]
Khloe Kardashian wore another Native American headdress to her nephew’s Coachella themed birthday party [dlisted]
Model Anton Narinskiy By Tommy Wu [ohlala]
The list you’ve been waiting all year for! Your Top 10 Jen Garner Films [celeb cafe]

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