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!! OMG, YOLO! Cash cannon helps make it rain at the strip club !!

This wins for both the most-tasteful gift purchase idea of 2014, and also the most reasonably priced gift of 2014. I mean, $159.99 is NOTHING compared to the amount you’ll spend during the hours of fun you’ll have shooting dollar bills at strippers’ hoo-hoos with the amazing CASH CANNON!

Built for speed and performance, this baby will shoot your entire life savings all over the dance floor in record time as you make the worst decision of your life!

Check out a proper play-by-play on this incredible product below!

[via cashcannon]

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!! OMG, tits out for the boys: Joe Manganiello’s New Male Stripper Documentary Gets A Red Band Trailer !!

stripper doc2_0.jpg
True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello is banking on his role in Magic Mike by branching out and directing a new doc which follows the lives of a group of male strippers — and it doesn’t look like he held back any! Check out the NSFW (unless you work at a strip club) red band trailer after the jump! Will you be checking it out?

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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