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!! OMG, gossip: Lady Gaga dons Donatella Versace drag on a high horse !!

Gaga rides bareback in Donatella Versace drag at AMAs [socialite life]
…and Gaga on Rob Ford: “At least he’s honest!” [popbytes]
Tara Reid in a two-piece. You’re welcome. [dlisted]
Cumberbatch on Meryl Streep ‘She’s an absolute trip!’ [celebitchy]
Ben Cohen‘s 9th week on Strictly Come Dancing [joemygod]
RIP Energy Kitchen 🙁 [kenneth]
Delta county school boardmember thinks trans people need to be castrated before using restrooms [queerty]
New trailer for HBO‘s “Gay-GIRLS” “Looking” [towleroad]
Scruffy model Austin Zenere [ohlala]
Thanksgiving ridiculousness [double viking]
Vintage babestache alert! [boy culture]
Annoying video game moments [unrealitymag]
[image via Dlisted]

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