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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Stream Erasure’s new album ‘The Violet Flame’ produced by Richard X !!

Erasure have released The Violet Flame, their first album since last year’s holiday album, Snow Globe.
The band (who’ve worked with producer Richard X on this) says it’s been inspired by everything from Eurotrance to Giorgio Moroder‘s sound.

“I really love all his work with Donna Summer,” Bell says. “I love the feeling of those arpeggiated synths, rhythms just going on. Or the sequences going on and vocal on top. That’s sublime. Especially with Donna. She reached her peak with that. That was the idea behind Paradise. I was channeling Donna quite a bit — and Grace Jones, as well.”

Some great influences! Check out the album stream, in full, below!

[via usatoday]

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