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!! OMG, SURGED!: 33-year-old man spends nearly $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber !!

Okay, so first up I just want to say you’re welcome! You now have your Halloween costume — grab the prosthetics, spirit gum, and the Ellen wig!
33-year old Toby Sheldon, a songwriter, has apparently spent his entire monetary savings (nearing $100,000) on constant surgeries that are meant to give him a smile and eyes like Justin Bieber.
Personally, I’m not seeing it — not only was Toby cuter before the surgery and I don’t think he should have f*cked with his face, but I think Toby needs to hit the bong a lot harder before his eyes begin to look like Justin‘s. Though, Complex kind of nails it when they suggest that Toby could totally get a job doubling for Team America‘s version of Matt Damon! (We are still in a recession, so take the work where you can get it! Trust!)
[via Complex]

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