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!! OMG, a card makes Christmas complete: Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Christmas Card’ Animation (1968) !!

Terry Gilliam, director of several cult classics like Brazil and Time Bandits, and known for his work on Monty Python made this awesome animation out of Victorian Christmas cards back in 1968. Here’s what Terry had to say about the making of this awesome, short animation:

Gilliam was asked to prepare something for a special show to be broadcast on Christmas day, 1968, called Do Not Adjust Your Stocking. Looking for inspiration, he decided to visit the Tate Gallery. In The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons, Gilliam remembered the project and how it figured into his emerging artistic style:
“I went down to the Tate and they’ve got a huge collection of Victorian Christmas cards so I went through the collection and photocopied things and started moving them around. So the style just developed out of that rather than any planning being involved. I never analysed the stuff, I just did it the quickest, easiest way. And I could use images I really loved.”

Check it out below!

[via dangerousminds]

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