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!! OMG, check your lipstick before you win the World Cup: Naomi Campbell Hawks ‘Beats by Dre’ with Rankin !!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.33.37 AM.png
Naomi Campbell doesn’t miss a beat with this ad infomercial for Beats By Dre that she either shot at midnight last night AFTER Germany’s win just in time to hit the web this morning, OR she shot both Argentina and Germany options during the shoot just so they could put it out there anyhow with that specific and genuine feel.
There is one tried-and-true way of modelling headphones and it is to press them tightly against your ears and close your eyes in pure ecstasy and Naomi really nails that here. Check out babywoman’s testimonial for Beats By Dre below!

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!! OMG, why couldn’t it have been vodka paralyzers?!: Here’s The World Cup’s “Official” Boozy New Condom !!

The world’s biggest condom maker Karex has released an “official” condom for The World Cup and it looks like Brazil’s flag, and tastes like Brazil’s signature drink (or my friend’s mom’s Saturday night “relaxation juice”, depending on who you ask.)

The yellow and green condoms are supposed to look like the Brazilian flag and are supposed to taste like a Caipirinha, the country’s national cocktail made with sugar, lime, and cachaca (a sugar-cane-based Brazilian white rum). The family planning and HIV-prevention non-profit DKT International ordered the condoms, which are being distributed via the brand Prudence, to promote safe sex during the sporting event.
About 700,000 packs of three have been sold since they debuted in February, and an additional 864,000 have been distributed this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. Available in Brazilian pharmacies and supermarkets, each pack costs $1.39.
Earlier this week, Brazilian health officials handed out condoms and tested people for HIV through the UNAIDs program “Protect the Goal” program. Recent articles about the 2014 World Cup have touted Brazil’s HIV/AIDS program as a “model” for other developing countries.

This is great! Chances are the people who are slutting it up are already sippin on dat Caipirinha anyway — so why mix drinks and confuse things? Keep that flavour flowin’!
[via time]

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