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!! OMG, fashion fades, popcorn is eternal: Trailer for the ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ film !!

UH, this looks amazing. Notice how I used the word “film” in the title there. This definitely looks to me, like more of a fillum and not just some TV movie. Whatever their budget was for craft-services on this, probably equalled what they spent on that entire Lifetime House Of Versace mess. And they didn’t even use muppets on this one.
BUT, if you must create a drinking game for your viewing of one-of-TWO Yves Saint Laurent films being made this year, then at least do it with a fine French wine, baguette, and a processed brie cream cheese spread from your local grocery freezer aisle.. cuz they be speakin real French y’all! Don’t get it twisted. Like the real kind that Brit Brit speaks when she parties in France.
Are you looking forward to the new Yves Saint Laurent film?

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