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!! OMG, gossip: Zandaya Coleman says she left the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic because ‘the production value wasn’t there’ !!

Uh — Yuh, DUH! It’s a f*cking Lifetime movie [celebitchy]
OOOOOH, CHURL! The National Enquirer goes there again with Tom Cruise! [boy culture]
That’s right, sexy! Obama gets down to business and signs LGBTQ executive order [joemygod]
Beyonce and Jay-Z want to call it quits without getting a divorce [dlisted]
Mario Testino shoots ‘Model Mania’ for the upcoming issue of V Magazine [ohlala]
Kim Kardashian is set to make 85 million dollars off her 200 million dollar app which lets you create your very own imaginary social-climbing whore persona in Hollywood in the race to be famous for nothing [popbytes]
Big Brother‘s Zach Rance pops a woody after cuddling with Ariana Grande‘s brother [kenneth]
Ex-child star and current go-go boy Blake McIver is really trying to make Blake McIver happen [queerty]
Whoopsie-daises! Blohan has either got the drunks real bad, or is falling into a k-hole here [socialite life]
Pokemon shaming! [unrealitymag]
New documentary exposes extreme anti-gay laws in Iran: ‘They can put you in jail for 10, 20, 30 years.’ [towleroad]
The Top 10 MTV VMA moments [celeb cafe]

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